Good Samaritan Gives Women Free Pepper Spray In India

28 Feb

Hyderabad, India – In India there is a man that has come up a unique solution to the recent rash of violent attacks against women, he’s giving away pepper spray. Raman Garimella has been giving away free pepper spray to women in Hyderabad in an attempt to help women protect themselves from harm.

Garimella doesn’t believe the solution to the crimes against woman is for women to cower in fear or to rely on the police to protect them. Instead he wants women to take responsibility for their own protection, by arming themselves with pepper spray.

He hopes that arming women with a self defense device with empower them and give them confidence. And tyhis, he hopes will change men’s attitudes as well. He wants potential criminals to think twice about attacking an innocent woman for fear that they may be packing pepper spray. So, he has decided to supply free pepper spray to any one who asks for it.

His Facebook page says, “Pervs aren’t going to stop as long as consequences are not scary enough. What does scare men is the idea of being pepper sprayed their heads off. Ladies, if you are in Hyderabad and need it, message me for a free bottle of pepper spray and a whistle.”

He has been inundated with requests for free pepper spray. “I used to give pepper spray to my sister and friends but after the Delhi incident, I decided to give away these cans to women who needed them. I think that every woman should carry one. They are not heavy and it can ward off a man for at least 20 minutes. I was surprised to see the impact the status created after I put that up on Facebook. I got many calls from girls who wanted these sprays. And some of my male friends too got pepper sprays for their sisters and relatives as New Year gifts,” he said.

He says he isn’t an activist and isn’t doing this for publicity, he just wants to do his part to help the community and give women some piece of mind and self protection.

“I am not here to give advice to men or women. I just want to do my bit so that if caught in such a situation, women can stand up for themselves and protect their lives rather than depending on someone else,” he said.

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Pepper Spray Crimes

17 Feb
Reina Maez

Reina Maez

Santa Fe, New Mexico – A Santa Fe woman, who was kicked out of a downtown sports bar for fighting, was arrested when she returned to the bar after closing time and used pepper spray on employees.

Cops arrested Reina Maez, 26, early Sunday morning on charges of battery after she sprayed a canister of OC pepper spray into the face of the manager and a bartender at Stats Sports Bar.

The woman initially claimed, that employees of the restaurant had attacked her. However, there was no indication that police were called or that she had filed a complaint when the alleged assault occurred, so police believe her story is fabricated.

Cops believe Maez was ejected from the bar by employees earlier in the evening after got into a fight with another patron. The bartender stopped serving her alcohol due to her behavior, which seemed to instigate her even more.

A few hours later, Maez returned to the bar, entered through an open rear door and, when confronted by the manager and bartender, “produced a canister of mace she had concealed behind her back.” According to the police report.

Neither the manager nor bartender sustained any serious injuries and Maez was booked into County jail on two counts of misdemeanor battery on a $1,000 bond and was released hours later.

Alamosa, Colorado – A local couple was arrested Tuesday on charges related to a pepper spray robbery.

According to Alamosa PD, the victims claimed that a male and female forced their way into the victims vehicle, doused the driver with pepper spray and stole their cash and a cell phone.

Police arrested 39-year-old Nathan M. Greer and Anne Marie Morgan-Greer for robbery and theft. Anne Marie Morgan-Greer was also charged as an accessory to a crime.

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Central Michigan Students Vote To Allow Pepper Spray On Campus

15 Feb
Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University

The Student Government Association at Central Michigan University introduced legislation on Monday that would allow students the right to carry pepper spray and other self defense devices currently allowed under state law on campus.

Central Michigan University currently bans these personal protection items on campus. Any student caught with the banned items faces suspension and possible expulsion from CMU. CMU policy contradicts current state law which allows pepper spray under certain conditions.

The Academic Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of the legislation, with only one vote against. The SGA House will now vote to on the measure next Monday.

The legislation says, “In light of recent events on Central Michigan University’s campus and surrounding areas, it has become apparent that the need for self-defense is substantial, and current campus amenities, such as blue lights, may not be enough, especially in situations that involve violence and sexual assault,”.

Sen. William Joseph, the junior who drafted the legislation, insisted the intent of the legislation was to bring CMU policies in alignment with state law, and was not drafted in light of some recent violent events.

“These real tragic and real horrible events are on the minds of students. People need to know they can defend themselves. The way I wrote the legislation is to bring the Central Michigan University policy up to date with state law,” Joseph said. “Under Michigan law, pepper spray has its own legal use, which is to protect yourself against any crime against you.”

Saginaw junior Jennifer Moiles presented the legislation to the SGA House last Monday.

“I feel like it would be nice to give students that extra sense of security,” Moiles said. “If it helps one person on this campus, I feel it’s worth it.”

University officials have not commented on the legislation.

It’s nice to see that college kids are realizing that they have to be responsible for their own self defense. Hopefully University officials won’t attempt to thwart their efforts.

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Virginia Tech Kicker Discharges Pepper Spray In Restaurant

14 Feb
Stupid Or Careless?

Stupid Or Careless?

Virginia Tech Hokies place kicker Cody Journell was involved in a pepper spray incident recently at a local Buffalo Wild Wings. He reportedly sprayed a canister of pepper spray inside the restaurant. No arrests were made, and no one is pressing charges against Journell.

Journell was showing a friend how her can of pepper spray worked when he accidentally set it off in the restaurant. The entire dining room had to be evacuated for nearly an hour while they waited for the effects to wear off. While the restaurant was cleared, a group of young men took advantage of the confusion and left without paying their tab.

A server that was on duty at the time, believed that Journell set the pepper spray off on purpose, but wasn’t aware that it would be so volatile. In either case Journell is guilty of being careless or foolish or both, you be the judge.

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Pepper Spray News

6 Feb
Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray

Sacramento, California – When Thomas Jones IV robbed a disabled elderly woman in a West Sacramento parking lot, he used a canister of pepper spray on three Good Samaritans who tried to help.

Jones, 29, was convicted of the crimes on Monday by a jury in a Woodland courtroom.

The DA’s Office said, “In the afternoon of Oct. 27, 2012, the elderly, disabled victim went to the Little Caesars Pizza near the corner of West Capital Avenue and Jefferson. Jones rode his bicycle up to the victim from behind and took her purse out of her grasp.”

Three employees from a nearby business responded to the woman’s cries for help. The proceeded to chase Jones for a few blocks until they had him cornered near a loading dock. Jones then pulled out a can of pepper spray and used it on the men, allowing him to escape.

He was found later in an empty parking lot by police. Jones is scheduled to be sentenced on March 15.

St. Cloud, Minnesota – Cops used their department issue pepper spray to break up a Rowdy crowd at 2:12 a.m. Sunday outside a local bar.

An officer separated two fighting men, Marvin Glen Matthews, 22, and Jeffrey Fitzgerald Bias II, 22, both from St. Cloud. Matthews then started pushing and grabbing the officer, and both fell to the ground, according to Sgt. Jason Burke of the St. Cloud Police Department.

A large crowd of approximately 40-50 people surrounded Matthews and the officer. Some people pulled at the officer’s jacket. The officer used then deployed his pepper spray to disperse the crowd. Other officers helped with Matthews’ arrest and the crowd. The officer was not hurt.

Matthews was charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer, and Bias could be charged with disorderly conduct. Both were arrested and taken to Stearns County Jail.

Brentwood, California – Residents in the upscale neighborhood of Brentwood are being a little more cautious in recent days after two women were attacked with pepper spray in front of their homes.

The women, aged 69 and 71, were each targeted in separate assaults in the same neighborhood.

Police say one woman was returning her trash bin to the backyard when the man attacked her. He attempted to remove her gold ring, but she screamed and got away.

The other woman was also targeted on trash day. Her finger was broken as the attacker stole her wedding ring. Residents have been purchasing pepper spray to fight back against the attacker if he returns.

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Woman Uses Bear Spray And A Bokken To Catch A Thief

6 Feb

San Francisco, California – Sonya Yu, of San Francisco woman decided she’s had enough of crime in her neighborhood and took the initiative to fight back. She was angry that thieves were stealing delivered packages from the doorsteps of her neighbors so she attempted to catch the suspect herself and she posted live tweets throughout the entire ordeal.

She armed herself with bear spray (an extremely powerful pepper spray used primarily as a bear repellant) and a bokken (a wooden sword the samurai used during training).

“My bear spray, bokken, & I are still not intimidated,” wrote Yu. “We keep bear spray by the door, so my plan is spray, call 911, & mutilate his junk.”

You gotta love this woman’s style! She definitely doesn’t fit the typical helpless victim profile.

When the suspect approached an seemingly unattended package at Yu’s door, She doused him with bear spray from the safety of her balcony. The man, who apparently was with a knife, fled immediately.

Yu called police and then pursued the scum bag with her bokken and bear spray in hand.

“He escaped, but not far,” she tweeted. “The bear spray debilitated him & painted him orange so other cops picked him up within 5 minutes. GOT HIM!”

She said that the police laughed hysterically when they saw her makeshift weapons.

Yu was hit with some Bear Spray blowback, but she thought it was a small price to pay for catching the crook.

San Francisco police identified the man as Andy Anduha, 51. He was charged with attempted burglary and outstanding warrants for traffic violations, police said.

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How To Shoot Pepper Spray

5 Feb
Proper Technique Is Essential To Achieve The Best Result

Proper Technique Is Essential To Achieve The Best Result

In the last 10 years, pepper spray has increased in popularity as a means of self protection for women around the world. However, pepper spray education and instruction in how to use it have not kept pace with the overall rise in sales.

The result has been predictable, record numbers of women who own pepper spray but have no practical knowledge of when to deploy it or how to use it properly.

There have been reports of people being accidentally sprayed, women spraying themselves while attempting to fight off an attacker and attackers taking pepper spray and using it against their victims.

Pepper spray makes a great choice for self defense; it’s non-lethal, inexpensive, easy to use, small, inconspicuous and extremely effective when used properly. So the important thing is to learn how to use it and practice with a water-based practice spray so that you become proficient in how to deploy it correctly.

The following tips will help you to use pepper spray the proper way so that you’ll avoid accidental discharge and insure that you hit your intended target while minimizing the risk to you.


Having a canister of pepper spray on your key-chain, in your purse or in your car will not help you one bit if you allow an attacker to surprise you. You need to know what’s going on around you at all times and have your pepper spray in hand and ready to use while you are walking to and from your vehicle.

Pay attention to your surroundings and be ready to act, you may only have a second or two to react.


Remember, the objective is to surprise the attacker. Pull out your pepper spray only when you are prepared to use it. Don’t give the attacker any time to think and react to it.

When you’re ready to shoot, go into a slight crouch with your feet about shoulder width apart and evenly balanced.

Hold your non-shooting hand out and yell stop as you shoot. This will focus your energy on the task at hand and may draw the attacker’s attention toward your hand and away from the pepper spray. It also gives you time to raise and aim the spray before you shoot.

NOTE: Some women may not want to use one hand because they may not be able to aim accurately unless they hold the spray with both hands. Either way, determine which method works best for you by practicing first.

Hold your shooting hand steady as you shoot, never thrust your hand forward as it will affect your aim. Make sure that your upper body remains balanced and still. This will allow you to aim more accurately and with consistency.

As you fire, step backward slightly, but don’t turn your back on him! This will give you more time, create more distance between you and the attacker and draws the attacker into the spray. While stepping back, do so in a slow, steady and deliberate manner while trying to limit upper body movement as much as possible.

Don’t shut your eyes while spraying. You need to see where you are shooting. If your aim is off slightly, simply adjust your aim and continue shooting.

Don’t wave the spray like a fire hose, this does nothing but waste the spray. Aim, shoot and look where you are hitting and correct if necessary.

Aim for the head and shoulders. Shooting for about 2-3 seconds is usually adequate. At this point, an attacker will normally pause for a moment while he tries to gather himself as the pain and uncontrollable coughing spasms set in. Once he’s disabled, stop spraying, and escape.


Shooting pepper spray accurately is like any athletic activity, it requires practice to achieve perfection. No one would dream of using martial arts to protect themselves without first practicing, so why would you do that with pepper spray?

Don’t wait until something bad happens until you first use your spray. Buy a water-based inert spray to practice with, until you comfortable using it.


So now it’s time to purchase some spray. Do you want a 1/2 oz key-chain model, or a larger one to keep in your purse? Would you prefer a stream or a fogger? Which one is better, pepper gel, pepper foam or OC pepper spray?

There are many options to choose from and the best way to determine which one is right for you is to visit our pepper spray guide.

So, educate yourself, practice and don’t depend on anyone else to protect yourself. Take it upon yourself to provide your own protection and you’ll feel safer and more confidant. Good luck and stay safe!

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